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DWI and Traffic Defense in Newark

Drunk Driving Attorney

Contact a drunk driving attorney immediately, if you have been arrested on DUI charges. Regardless of your field test results, and regardless of your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) percentage, I may be able to challenge the charges and the evidence. Don’t surrender to the penalties of a DUI. Call my office. READ MORE…

DUI Lawyer

When you need a DUI lawyer in New Jersey – call me for aggressive legal support. Whether this is your first DWI offense or your fifth, facing the courts on drunken driving charges can be frightening. I can fight to keep you out of jail, to keep your driving privileges, and to reduce fines. Don’t hesitate. Call my firm today! READ MORE…

DWI Attorney in New Jersey

Getting in touch with a DWI attorney following a driving while intoxicated arrest, is the first step in protecting yourself from DUI penalties. My job is to question the evidence and fight a DUI conviction. If you’re facing drunken driving charges, call my office today for a free evaluation of your case! READ MORE…

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