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As your green card lawyer in New Jersey, I will work to make the immigration process go far more smoothly than you might be able to achieve on your own, and to avoid unnecessary delays due to errors. The United States, which used to open its arms to immigrants, has some of the most challenging immigration processes in the world. Call me to handle it for you.

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Let me, a green card lawyer in New Jersey, save you time and paperwork headaches – and perhaps even save you money because your case will be handled correctly the first time. Whether you are living within the U.S. seeking an adjustment of status, or outside the United States and in need of consular processing, a good attorney can help you determine if you are eligible for a visa, which is the first step in seeking permanent residence.

Generally, a green card lawyer in New Jersey can help you seek permanent residence through such channels as:

  • Relatives in the U.S.
  • A job
  • Seeking asylum
  • Refugee status
  • Immigration lottery (Diversity Immigrant Visa program)

I am a green card lawyer in New Jersey with experience handling the many forms needed in the world of immigration: K-1, K-2, K-3, K-4, CR1, IR1, I129F, I130 and many more. Each must be filled out without mistakes or they will be rejected – what a heartbreak if you are seeking the American dream for yourself or family members. Do not take risks with your future!

Ask a green card lawyer in New Jersey. Call me now. What is a “green card”? It is the unofficial name for a Permanent Residence Card. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services bureau, those who may seek this status fall into these categories:

  • Armed Forces member
  • American Indians born in Canada
  • People born to foreign diplomats in the U.S.
  • Cuban native or citizen
  • Haitian refugee
  • Help HAITI Act of 2010
  • Amerasian child of an American citizen
  • Indochinese Parole Adjustment Act
  • Informant (S Nonimmigrant)
  • Victim of a crime, trafficking or domestic violence
  • Lautenberg Parolee
  • Legal Immigration Family Equity Act
  • Registry
  • Diplomat (Section 13)

Why do you need a green card lawyer in New Jersey? Why not rely on family, friends, or people who have successfully immigrated? Why not turn to non-lawyers? I have seen some pretty disastrous results in many of these cases because:

  • Immigration laws change regularly in this post 9/11 world. It is my job to keep up with these changes.
  • What works in one person’s case may not work in another. Each case is unique.
  • There are many scam artists out there who promise outcomes. Results can never be guaranteed.

As your green card lawyer in New Jersey, I can not only help with paperwork and forms, but also I can help with accurate translation services, interviews, and documentation that may be needed. Your future is too important to be left to chance. Call my office today to learn about your options, rights, and ever-changing laws.

Call now for a green card lawyer at 973-453-2009
15 minute consultations are free

Call Attorney Eric M. Mark in Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Morristown, Hackensack, Hoboken, Irvington, East Orange, Union City and throughout northern New Jersey.

No attorney or law firm can guarantee the outcome of your case. However, I can provide you with a free evaluation of the details of your case, and help you tailor a strategy to pursue the best possible outcome.

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