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Rely on an immigration attorney in New Jersey to assist you and answer questions about all areas of law. These laws change often. I can help you avoid delays or being turned down based on errors in your paperwork. Your future is too important to be left to chance. Call my office today to learn about your options, rights, and ever-changing laws.

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You need an immigration attorney in New Jersey, because there are many paths to residency, and each has its own regulations, requirements and paperwork. Generally, the United States grants status based on such factors as uniting families, importing desirable job skills, encouraging capital (financial) investment, and sheltering victims of human trafficking and those who fear persecution in their home countries for specific reasons.

If an immigration attorney in New Jersey determines that you are not in those categories, there is still hope. The government offers a lottery weighted toward people who come from countries that are underrepresented in America. It works like this: 110,000 qualified foreigners are randomly selected for the lottery, and 50,000 of them will be granted green cards as long as they meet all the requirements.

As an immigration attorney in New Jersey, I can help you in many ways: Prepare you for interviews, make certain you have the documents you need, find translators, and complete many complicated forms that are required. Becoming a citizen offers many benefits related to jobs, voting, tax advantages, educational scholarships and grants, automatic citizenship for children under 18, and moving freely in and out of the country.

Call me to be your immigration attorney in New Jersey when you or a family member wishes to:

As an immigration attorney in New Jersey, I know this area of law, and I get personal satisfaction from helping others. I went through the process myself when I brought my wife to America. I understand the anxiety, frustration and confusion that many immigrants and their families experience. I am committed to helping you get the best results possible.

An experienced immigration attorney in New Jersey can save you time, frustration and the devastation that comes from being scammed. Some people will misrepresent themselves as lawyers or legal “experts.” Some will contact you pretending to be government officials and demanding money. Most will likely get you nowhere but in trouble. A simple mistake can not only cost you money, it can get you deported forever.

Even well-meaning people usually cannot match the skills of a lawyer. Remember:

  • Laws change often.
  • Each case is unique. What works for one person may not work for another.
  • Don’t trust anyone who guarantees success. There is no guarantee.
  • Be suspicious of people who promise to fast-track your case through the system.

I can help with paperwork and forms, and I can also lead you to accurate translation services, coach you on the interviewing process, and alert you to the documentation that may be needed.

Call now for an immigration attorney at 973-453-2009
15 minute consultations are free

Call Eric M. Mark in Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Morristown, Hackensack, Hoboken, Irvington, East Orange, Union City and throughout northern New Jersey.

No attorney or law firm can guarantee the outcome of your case. However, I can provide you with a free evaluation of the details of your case, and help you tailor a strategy to pursue the best possible outcome.

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