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In New Jersey, you can be charged with grand theft if you steal property valued over $500. Usually, theft of property valued under $500 is lower than the state’s limit and is categorized as petty theft. Stealing a car, boat, horse, or airplane can result in charges of grand theft. Yet, shoplifting crimes can also result in grand theft charges if the individual committing the crime steals goods worth more than $500.

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Stealing other items can also result in a charge of theft. For instance, stealing a New Jersey prescription blank can result in grand theft charges. Stealing goods used to make crystal meth can also result in a grand theft charge. If you’re facing grand theft charges, you can face anywhere from 5 to 10 years in jail and be required to pay a fine up to $15,000. Higher penalties apply if the value of the property stolen is found to be over $75,000. Individuals who are convicted may face years in jail. Even when released, they may have difficulties on account of having a criminal record. A grand theft attorney in New Jersey may be able to help you build a strong defense, make an acceptable plea deal, and even in some cases have your charges dropped. If you’re facing charges, you need the Law Office of Eric M. Mark. Our firm fights diligently for the rights of its clients. We’ll honestly assess your case and offer you a clear roadmap going forward.

Grand Theft Auto in New Jersey 

If you’re being charged with grand theft involving a motor vehicle, it is important to understand the penalties you face, in addition to the penalties for grand theft, which include jail time up to 10 years and fines up to $15,000. Individuals who steal motor vehicles must pay a $500 penalty and will face a one-year driver’s license suspension. If this is your second conviction for grand theft auto, you face higher fines. A second offense carries fees of $750 and license suspension for two years. Third and subsequent offenses carry fines of $1000 and license suspensions of ten years. If you’ve been charged with grand theft involving a car, your penalties may follow you long after you leave jail. Not being able to drive can affect your ability to get to work. Having a criminal record can also impact your ability to get hired and your ability to receive certain government benefits. The Law Office of Eric M. Mark works closely with those accused to help them build the strongest possible case. We gather all evidence, review the ways officers gathered evidence against you, and speak to witnesses. When you need aggressive representation to protect your rights, you need Eric M. Mark.

Understand Your Legal Rights 

Under the law, you are innocent until proven guilty. The courts must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. You also have the right to remain silent during questioning or if you have been arrested. Many people give in to police pressure, and unwittingly provide evidence against themselves that can later be used in court. Sometimes officers use tactics that result in individuals confessing to crimes they didn’t commit, or saying things they don’t intend. Having a attorney present during questioning protects your rights and makes sure that officers follow the law. Officers are allowed to lie to you during questioning. Exercise your right to remain silent and contact your attorney.

If you’ve been charged with theft, it is important to ask to speak to a attorney right away. If you cannot afford a attorney, one will be provided for you under the law. However, if you choose to go with a public defender, it is important to understand that public defenders handle many cases at once. A grand theft attorney in New Jersey may be able to offer your case more detailed attention. If you’re facing grand theft charges, many of your freedoms may be on the line. You need an attorney who will rigorously defend you. The Law Office of Eric M. Mark can review the facts of your case and offer you a plan going forward. Contact us today to learn more.

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